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Natalia No. 1 (1971)
Natalia No. 2 (1972)
Natalia No. 3 (1973)
Natalia No. 4 (1974)
Natalia No. 5 (1975)
Natalia No. 6 (1976)
Natalia No. 7 (1977)
Natalia No. 8 (1978)
Natalia No. 9 (1979)
Natalia No. 10 (1980)
Natalia No. 11 (1981)
Natalia No. 12 (1982)
Natalia No. 13 (1983)
Natalia No. 14 (1984)
Natalia No. 15 (1985)
Natalia No. 16 (1986)
Natalia No. 17 (1987)
Natalia No. 18 (1988)
Natalia No. 19 (1989)
Natalia No. 20 (1990)
Natalia No. 21 (1991)
Natalia No. 22 (1992)
Natalia No. 23/24 (1994)
Natalia No. 25 (1995)
Natalia No. 26 (1996)
Natalia No. 27 (1997)
Natalia No. 28 (1998)
Natalia No. 29 (1999)
Natalia No. 30 (2000)
Natalia No. 31 (2001)
Natalia No. 32 (2002)
Natalia No. 33 (2003)
Natalia No. 34 (2004)
Natalia No. 35 (2005)
Natalia No. 36/37 (2007)
Natalia No. 38 (2008)
Natalia No. 39 (2009)
Natalia No. 40 (2010)
Natalia No. 41 (2011)
Natalia No. 42 (2012)
Natalia No. 43 (2013)
Natalia No. 44. (2014)
Natalia No 45. (2015)















Natalia has been published annually in Pietermaritzburg by the Natal Society since 1971. The journal publishes articles on the history (in the broadest sense) of KwaZulu Natal and continues to hold true to the early vision of the Natal Society when, in 1865, it stated its purpose as:

"The acquisition and preservation of information of local value and interest, and the general encouragement of habits of study, investigation and research".

The first editor of Natalia was historian and Deputy Vice Chancellor at the University of Natal, Professor Colin Webb.

The present editor, T.B."Jack" Frost, has edited the journal for more than 15 years. The Editorial Committee he has assembled includes established historians and writers who have published a wide variety of books, papers and articles on the history, languages, cultural traditions, buildings, geography, natural history and environmental conservation of the Province.

Back numbers of Natalia:
Printed copies of back numbers of Natalia are still available at R50 a copy except for the following numbers which are now out of print: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, and 17. We also only have a few of the following left (the number of copies in parenthesis): 7(5), 12(7), 15(7), 20(6), 34(2). From No. 41 on, the journals cost R90 each.

If you would like to order the present issue or any back numbers please contact the NSF Administrator, Peter Croeser ( Alternatively write to us: The Administrator, The Natal Society Foundation, PO Box 11093, Dorpspruit  3206, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. 

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For commercial use permission must be obtained in advance from the secretary of the Natal Society Foundation at the contact details provided on this web-site.

The downloadable files for each volume are divided into the following PDF files:

  • Front pages (including cover picture caption, and editorial) and end pages (recent KZN publications, Notes on contributors) combined in a single PDF file. If you select the
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  • Obituaries (individual PDF files)
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The Natalia Editorial Committee (March 2012).
Back row from left:  J.M. Deane, Dr P.M.W. Tennant, Professor E.R. Jenkins, Professor W.R. Guest,  
Professor A. Koopman. 
Front row from left: Dr S.P.M. Spencer, Dr S. Vietzen, T.B. Frost (Editor of Natalia), M.H. Comrie,  
P.M.C. Croeser (Administrator, The Natal Society Foundation),  Dr W.H. Bizley.
(Photograph by Cynthia Guest)


Natalia (including some back numbers) is available from:

10 Cascades Centre
tel: 033 347 1901

Alternatively you can contact the Administrator of the Natal Society Foundation
(details below)

Contact details

Peter Croeser
Natal Society Foundation Trust
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Dorpspruit 3206

T.B. Frost